Simplified Sale with Gemstone Real Estate

You own a property without having the time to take care of it?

Gemstone Real Estate saves you time and money.

A Responsive Service

Your file is entrusted to a single manager on a mandate basis, he becomes your privileged interlocutor. All your steps are simplified and you will be accompanied throughout the process. Our Gemstone Real Estate managers remain available and attentive throughout the year.

We find a buyer for you 

Gemstone Real Estate finds you a buyer you can trust. Our managers take care of all the time-consuming and complex tasks.


Why choose us?

Gemstone Real Estate is a company on a human scale, which ensures quality of service to our partners.

Simplified management of your assets

Gemstone Real Estate saves time and money thanks to the high availability of our teams

Marketing of your property

Our network and experience in the field of real estate ensures fast and efficient marketing.