Gemstone supports all owners.

Do you own or manage a building, a residence or an office complex? Gesmtone Real Estate can take care of the technical management of these premises.

Gestion technique du syndic de copropriété

Our mission

  • Help in selecting the best technical partners for your buildings (creation of specifications for calls for tender, evaluation of technical solutions proposed by respondents and evaluation of the skills of service providers).
  • Daily management of relations with the technical service providers retained for building maintenance.
  • Verification of the correct execution of the work carried out by the service providers.
  • Regular inspection tours (daily, weekly, monthly) of the premises for preventive maintenance and detection of possible technical anomalies.


  • Immediate handling of minor technical interventions after detection of anomalies, otherwise triggering of the intervention of the technical service provider concerned and follow-up of the intervention until its completion.
  • Implementation of emergency processes to be applied in the event of an accident or anomaly.
  • Assistance in the administrative and legal procedures to be carried out quickly in the event of an accident or anomaly.
  • Winter snow removal and salting services.

Outsourcing technical management: only advantages

Why is it so comfortable?

Outsourcing the technical management of your buildings has only advantages. The building manager (often the syndic) is relieved of an important technical part that he does not necessarily master. It is the guarantee that an expert technician looks after your interests and makes you win
time. For more efficiency, your technical service providers have a single, qualified contact person who is always available. You have peace of mind and receive detailed reports of all the interventions carried out or to come.